Marriott είσοδος με ευρωπαϊκές ρίζες στο Μεξικό

Το νέο AC Hotel Guadalajara, των 188 δωματίων, άνοιξε τις πόρτες του στο Μεξικό και είναι έτοιμο να υποδεχθεί τους επισκέπτες στο κλασικά μοντέρνο χώρο του, που συνδυάζει άψογα το Ευρωπαϊκό στυλ με την Ισπανική παράδοση, όπως και όλα τα AC Hotels, που κέρδισαν την Ισπανία και όχι μόνο. Το ξενοδοχείο, με το στιλάτο και λειτουργικό design του, θα απευθύνεται στις ανάγκες των ταξιδιωτών του Μεξικού, προσφέροντας μοναδικές και αυθεντικές εμπειρίες.


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“We are thrilled to be bringing this new breed of lifestyle hotel to Mexico’s dynamic neighborhoods of Queretaro and Guadalajara,” explains Toni Stoeckl, Vice President Lifestyle Brands, Marriott International. “Our rapidly growing portfolio of design-led hotels illustrates Marriott International’s commitment to making distinctive architecture and design affordable and accessible for creatives and entrepreneurs around the world.”


Based on a belief that purposeful design improves lives, AC Hotels carves away what is unnecessary, in order to provide guests with thoughtfully designed moments of beauty; moments that elevate their stay and help them focus on what is important to them. That is why at all AC Hotels guests get only what they need, without paying for what they don’t. The result is sophisticated yet unpretentious style, innovative beverage and food programming and locally inspired experiences for both guests and locals.



Signature Design
AC Hotels by Marriott is designed for those creative, well-traveled, entrepreneurial spirits who are constantly on the go and who appreciate the oasis of a well-designed hotel that allows them to welcome moments of tranquility, be present and connect with others. Taking influence from its European roots, the AC Hotel Guadalajara Mexico showcase a timeless design that is modern and sleek. Guest rooms incorporate inviting grays and charcoal tones, with clean lines and elegant floors; furniture is lifted to create a sense of space, and crisp white linens are used to create a look that’s both refined and elegant.