The new sofas and armchairs of the valencian furniture brand, Tajoma

Thegraphic and interior design studio that has open its new offices in thecity center of Valencia (Spain), has developedthe art direction for the launching of the new sofas and armchairs of the valencian furniture brand, Tajoma.

With the same care that Tajoma does its developing and upholsteredprocess of its products, traditionally handmade at its facilities in thetown of Silla (Valencia, Spain), the creative studio Jimenez De Nalda has developed a relaxed atmosphere with a veryspecial look that has named “BotanicalLove” inspired in nature and botanicals for the staging of theTajoma’s new line products.

Jimenez de Nalda in collaborationwithCualiti, a photostudiobased in Valencia specialized in product and interior photography, has formed as always a greatteamthatbringsoutthebest of eachproduct, as can be seen in thispresentationwherenature comes alivewiththefamilies of seatsDurban and Izan, the peculiar SpokwingchairreclinerorrockingClode, one of the UK bestsellers of thisValenciancompany.

Thefamilybusiness, founded in 1988, has established itself both nationally and internationally as a benchmark in the sector after more than 25 years, “developing the entire process of making furniture with high quality materials, by a team of 63 profesionals, including armchairs and sofas like the ones we are launchingtoday” says Ana Marí, general manager of Tajoma. One factor that Ana highlights as a reasonfor a company of thissizethat has successfullyfollowedthepaththatbeganchartingitsfounder, José Marí Raga, “isthe familiar character of thecompany, thefact of keeping every thing we have learned from thegenerations that raised Tajomawithhim, and all we can provide the new generations“.

The design studio Jimenez de Nalda is characterized by its different works, carried out with exquisite taste and image, which support all projects since its inception in 2010. Pilu Lleoistheheart and soul of this study, consisting of a consolidated team specialized in marketing and design, which carries out national and international projects for brands like SkylineDesign, Missana, Joenfa, thechain of drycleanersUrbanClean, Buba Dental Clinics, or Tajoma among others.






Furniture: Tajoma |
Art Direction: Jimenez De Nalda |
Photography: Cualiti |
Location: RocketSpace Valencia |