Menuet lamps: Nistal presents his last design


Menuet is a collection of lamps inspired by the former traditional dance of the baroque French music of the XVIIth and XVIIIth century called Menuet.  It has its masculine and feminine version:

Menuet Homme is the masculine part of the dance of lights representing the most robust and manly forms.

Menuet Femme is the feminine part with a delicate touch of fineness and style.

The combination of a couple represents an intimate and sensual dance, but the combination of many couples results in a spectacular ballroom dance.

The main structure of our luminaires is made of ash tree wood combined with metal parts finished in trend colors like rose copper, gold and black.


Nistal is a lighting design editor that grows with the need to create lighting elements including an adding value in their designs by the European manufacturing quality. This brings them to extend and internationalize their origins, searching  of new markets and different cultures.

Their products are focused on contract and residential living spaces which emphasizes a timeless design, architectural quality and environmental respect.

Nistal has their full confidence for these new collections in the Cualiti team, the firm that has done the art direction and photographs of this project.

Cualiti has managed to capture in their images the history of Menuet, reinterpreting this dance in a palace. Impossible stairs, velvet curtains, accordion-shaped walls and a floor with irregular designs done by shine and mate. The result of working with the latest trends in color, shapes and tissues are these striking images.

Design: Nistal
Photographs and Art Direction: Cualiti