CU, the metalmade lamp

NistalthrowsCu, a lamp inspired by the material that composes it, copper. Designed by Mario Nistal, founder and creative director of Nistal Design.

In ordertodesignthelampsCu,we look for the purity of this material giving it an organic form, showing the element in its moment of extraction with a rockyform, whereit has not undergone any transformation.

That is what we try to convey in Cu, to represent the purity of the material just extracted from the mine.

Cu has an electrical installation of lampholder E27 and Cu Line has a structure formed by a nextruded aluminum profile, with an electrical installation of Strip Rigid LedTridonic and both are covered by coppersheetcreased manually.

Cuhas 3 versions: withone light, threelights and fivelights, moreover theCu lineversion, ideal formeetingtables, worktables, etc.

Thereflection of the light in theedges of this material generates a warm and very attractive lighting, achieving a cozy as well as industrial environment.

Copper, in Prehistory, was the first metal usedbyhumans. Throughthe casting, it can be folded, shaped and reduced to sheets, which gives us multiple possibilities, such as thoseused in this time with this metal used to design knives, vessels, ornaments, tools, etc. We are so, with a metal thatcontinuestoofferus, as in prehistory, a new period where everything is to be done and where everything is possible.

Design: Nistal (

Photography and Art Direction: Cualiti (

Gratefulness: ManiquiesSempere (