Κλιματισμός, Αεροκουρτίνες
Διεύθυνση: Θέση Λάκκα Καλογήρου, Μέγαρα Αττικής, 19100
Τηλ: (+30) 22960 27624 (+30) 22960 23358 (+30) 22960 23377 (+30) 22960 23395 (+30) 22960 23396
Email: sales@olefini.gr
Ιστοσελίδα: www.olefini.gr

Company OLEFINI S.A. has been projecting and manufacturing a wide range of plastic fans and accessories for air conditioning, heating or cooling industry. Up to 95% of full production cycle is carried out by OLEFINI. The company incorporates engineering department, electronic research and development laboratory, rotor assembly and balance plant, injection- moulding workshop, air curtain assembler and test center. All of them are located at the same factory, working together for higher productivity and quality.